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Fragmentation in the Marketplace

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Targeting Today without Five Tier

  • Many brands and agencies buy DOOH, Linear Television, and Terrestrial Radio by targeting regions and DMAs. This mass media approach produces a tremendous amount of waste – as everyone in a region is not an ideal buyer
  • More specific targeting is demo and gender based, but still often within regions and DMAs. This is typically accomplished by targeting TV/Radio networks and shows that attract that target audience
  • Digital display is similar – via content and contextual targeting
  • Still a tremendous amount of waste. And often high CPMs in order to compete on these networks for the audience’s attention

Digital Cross Screen Today without Five Tier

  • Cross Screen is typically bought by brands and agencies by negotiating and contracting with multiple screen owners for each form of media. Typically:
    • 3-5 different contracts for Billboards
    • 4-7 for CTV/OTT
    • 2-4 for Digital Audio
    • Potentially another 5-15 for Supermarkets, Bars, Movie Theaters, Elevators, Gas Stations, Point of Care, Salons, Universities, etc
  • This process is extremely labor intensive
  • Virtually impossible to aggregate the different data sets to optimize or have coherent reporting
    • Typically all those different reports are examined at end of campaign to determine which ones were effective and which weren’t. Then contracts are either renewed or not
  • Attribution is challenging – as matchbacks and conversion data is difficult to tie back to all the different screens 

Thought leaders are validating our unique solution

Mark Pritchard, CMO of P&G, famously has been cutting partners in favor of a more streamlined supply chain which Five Tier provides.

Sir Martin Sorrell, one of the most famous advertising personalities in history, has preached about the disintermediation Five Tier executes.