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Five Tier is the World’s Leading Connected MediaTM Platform

We provide fast, affordable, comprehensive solutions for clients of all sizes that enable efficient, effective growth.

Using our award winning software as a service, Five Tier Connect, self serve and managed service clients benefit from micro-targeting down to the individual or audience, engagement across every possible marketing channel – from tv, radio, and out of home to social, email, mobile, direct mail, and telephony – and full funnel attribution to and through point of sale.

Our micro-buy, cost-per-play billing model is ushering in a new era of pricing, leveling the playing field for all in a similar way to when online media shifted from cost per thousand (cpm) pricing to cost per click (cpc) due to a similarly trackable and attributable technology.

We have been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, CheddarTV and NPR as well as in Forbes, Consumer Reports, and the New York Times.

What do we offer?

  • Millions of billboards, TV sets, and speakers accessible instantly around the world.
  • Ability to target and attribute activity across every channel from within platform – web, email, social, mobile, direct mail, ringless voicemail, store visit, sale.
  • Efficient and effective – launch a campaign in seconds with premium ad plays starting at $1 USD per play.
  • Freemium software delivers value and saves money.

Companies that Benefit from Utilizing Five Tier’s Platform

  • Small-to-Medium sized businesses, startups, and solopreneurs
  • Large, global corporations
  • Agencies and consultants
  • Media companies