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Unlike traditional media and adtech companies who associate scaling revenue with headcount, antiquated sales structures and reporting systems – Five Tier has an innovative model that accommodates partners and sellers who are independent and skillful enough to run their own show and become a part of the Five Tier franchise.

Financially, most salespeople make modest commission in order to drive volume. Five Tier has a land and expand strategy. We want you to get into companies, larger brands and agencies fast and early- so we offer two tiers of opportunity for you to generate income quickly:

  1. Send us a lead that we close and you make 20% gross commission. Again, all you have to do is give us the lead.
  2. Once comfortable enough, which won’t take long, when you close a deal on your own you can make 50% – 75% gross commission, depending on the size of the deal. Details are included in agreement docs and accessible online at fivetier.com/salespartner.

What Five Tier needs – and is willing to disproportionately pay for – are independent thought leaders and sellers who prefer to ‘own’ their business while partnering with us to give you not only a platform that solves unique needs in the marketplace, but also offers you the sales tools and resources to effectively generate meaningful income for yourself as a partner/reseller.

Levels of franchise partnership are up to you. You can own your ‘list’ of contacts and clients. You can own a region, territory, or even be a country manager. Or you can own a vertical specialization, like Pharmaceuticals or Auto Dealerships.