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  • Discussion Overview – Please Read First

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    November 3, 2020 at 10:41 am

    Use this thread to enter bugs, feature requests, and enhancement suggestions.

    Create a New Discussion for each, then set the appropriate tag and add a second tag for priority level.

    Include screenshots where necessary.

    Tags should be one of the following three categories:

    Bug – issue with currently released feature

    Enhancement – suggested update to currently released feature

    Feature Request – new feature request

    Priority level tags should be:

    Low – not urgent or effecting regular usage

    Medium – a hinderance, leading to subpar usability (moderately impacting daily work)

    High – a showstopper, impacting work and ability to use the site

    Feel free to add additional tags as necessary.

    Please check our status page and roadmap documentation for updates and more information.

    Your discussion will be updated with replies as bugs, features, and enhancements are addressed.

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