Guaranteed to build your brand and generate leads.

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Get your business on Targeted TV, Radio, and Billboards for just $1 per ad play

Our team will set you up on our award winning platform where you will be able to target your perfect customers, view engagement reports, and launch future programs.

track real time engagement across every marketing channel

Once somebody sees an ad placement, see what they did next. Track web visits, mobile engagement, and even physical traffic.

guaranteed leads!

Our lead finder will fill your account with targeted contacts from LinkedIn and Instagram - emails and profile links included! - for prospecting. Use our prospecting tools or media targeting to engage these leads and turn them into customers!

attribute success through point of sale and other key metrics

Integrate our web analytics code to protect against the new "cookie-less" world. Link your point of sale system to finitely track full funnel attribution and calculate return on investment.

all in one easy to usE, intuitive, fun platform!

Prepare for the dopamine hits because this level of transparency and success is addicting! Login daily or get email/mobile reports of real time activity.

Choose your starter program

We offer flexible starter packages based on the goals you are trying to reach.  Once you’re up and running, flex your program up or down based on supply, demand, and need.  All programs come with guided setup, monitoring, and support.







You're in good hands...

Our clients include startups, mom and pops, small businesses, and the best and brightest of the Fortune 500:

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you book a package, you will receive an email receipt and link to book your group or personalized onboarding session. One of our team members will also be in contact within one business day to discuss your goals and answer any questions.

Ads run on selections you set to target groups you select.

During onboarding you will set your target audiences, select your media placements, and schedule your campaign.

For a video demo of our targeting platform, click here.

For a video demo of placement selection, click here.

And while we’re at it, for a video demo of what program reporting looks like, click here

We offer a la carte pricing for all of our media, data, and distribution channels however we strongly recommend that your first experience with us be a packaged offer that includes setup, training, and initial “hand holding” using combinations we know deliver results.

If interested in a custom or a la carte option please email or use the live chat feature of this site to connect with a Five Tier representative.

If you have a logo, previous ad, photography, video or any other assets then certainly.  We have a creative optimization team that can turn those materials into a basic media unit with a call to action that will deliver for a small additional fee.

We are not an agency though, so if you are looking for full on strategy or a complex ad campaign (outside of the targeting a placement we can provide) we can refer you to one of our approved certified partners.

Within three days of setting up your account you will start to see significant prospect flow if not the full amount that comes with your package (plus a few bonus prospects!)

Ads start running almost immediately after selecting your placements as soon as our media partners approve your creative materials.

What our clients are saying...

"Amazing work. Launched our brand and grew our sales end to end. Great solution, partner, and team!"
Jerry's Vodka
Startup to Exit
"This was such an amazing experience for the team at buzzback. Everyone at Five Tier was super helpful and responsive along the entire journey. We will definitely partner with Five Tier again and would recommend them to others as well."
Research Firm

"This is going to create revenue immediately when you start doing this - this is some crazy sh*t!"

Demo call feedback, July 2021

"Five Tier created an opportunity for exposure that New York Edge would never be able to afford on our own. The package and group event not only let us show our ads but gave New York Edge a great story to share with the public. Count us in for next year!"
New York Edge
"Amazing customer service. Thank you for all you do. We look forward to using your services for many years."
Estate Entertainment
Music Producer

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