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Say Hello to Five Tier Connect!

Five Tier Connect is the world’s leading Connected MediaTM platform.

Awarded “Best Integrated Marketing Connectivity Solution”, Five Tier Connect enables you to target and reach customers more efficiently through any marketing channel – from broadcast TV, Radio, and Out of Home (OOH) to more direct channels like social, email, mobile, and more – then follow and engage them throughout the entire sales funnel to and through sale attribution.

Minimum media spend is $1.00 USD (yes, you read that right) and our average, non-enterprise, daily campaign is just under $2,000 USD.

Become a channel partner to join in on the fast growing, cutting edge Connected MediaTM movement!

Partner Case Study

Florida (US) Based Agency

Multi-Year Channel Partner

Engaged in 2019 as a pilot three month program upon success turned to annual buying. Renewed in 2020 through 2022.

ConnectedTV+ Campaigns Additive to Other Services They Offer

When closing a client they present the Five Tier "menu" as additional options for distribution including premium per play Times Square placements, ConnectedTV, Streaming Audio, and our "Insta-Lead" Gen program.

Average 10 New Campaigns per Month

On average, we execute 10 new campaigns per month adding otherwise uncaptured revenue to their bottom line.

Partners have the option to mark up retail costs, receive a 20% rebate on pass through orders, or negotiate pre-pay discounts for optimal flexibility.

Three Simple Ways to Grow Revenue

High touch to low touch, let us know what works best for you:


Send through leads, we’ll do all the work, and pay out 20% of the gross sale to you.


Work your own leads, buy from us on behalf of your clients at full rate, and tack on a markup of your choosing as a service fee.

Preferred Partner

Become fully trained on the Five Tier Connect platform and receive 50-75% of net revenue for payments made through your account and sub-accounts.

Let's Get Started!

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Chat with one of our specialists for concierge support in setting up your account and learning the best way to get going! 

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